Monday, March 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Bromantically Yours' by K.C. Wells

Dylan and Nate have been friends for years and have quite the bromance going on. Two of their friends have started dating and one night both Dylan and Nate admit to each other they’re curious what the two men see in each other. A little bit of experimentation blows both Dylan and Nate’s minds and now they can’t think of anything except each other.
I found this to be a deliciously hot but still sweet friends-to-lovers style of story. I found both guys’ character to be pretty realistic and Dylan’s confusion in the beginning of their changing relationship struck me as particularly understandable. I should point out I hadn’t read the previous story (where Dylan and Nate’s friends Josh and Christian become an item) and while it was clear to me there was a previous story to this I had no problems catching up or knowing what was going on. Christian and Josh are an important part of this book but the focus is fully and completely on Dylan and Nate and the shift in their relationship.
Readers looking for an intricate plot or some heavy conflict might not get what they want in this story – but I personally loved how light and happy the book was. Dylan and Nate were both excellent friends, and there are some strong secondary characters with their other supportive friendship group there to give counsel and refuge when needed. I enjoyed watching Dylan and Nate both try to work their way carefully from friends to lovers without losing anything from their relationship and trying to both meet each other’s expectations and needs. I enjoyed the pacing – finding it smooth and sensible. All up this was just a lovely, happy and interesting read that left me feeling good, satisfied and pleased.
A strongly written, character based book that is happy and left me with a whole bunch of warm and fuzzy feelings. This would be a good story to start readers not used to M/M romances or to more traditional romance readers who don’t want much kink or envelope pushing in their stories. A hot and sexy read but with loads of romance and emotional connection I thought this was a delight to read.

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