Thursday, March 8, 2018

Book Review: 'Bleu Balls' by Tara Lain

Robin and Bobby are known as Double Trouble, but all things must come to an end. The twins have fun but long for a happy ever after of their own. Bobby is the total opposite of Robin and when their latest and biggest client wants to dictate who will do the painting the men find themselves with a problem. The two soon find themselves in a sticky situation, pretending to be each other and finding that love could soon be lost to them. Meeting both Micah and Paolo turns the brothers’ world upside down. Both men are attractive but are they drawn to the right twin? Bobby and Robin must figure out if their newest job is worth the pain. Can they continue to pretend, and will it be worth it in the end?
Robin and Bobby may be twins, but they are total opposites. I loved both men, but Robin melted my heart. He seems to always take the brunt of everything and makes sure that Bobby is happy. Bobby could be too happy for me and at times seemed a bit naive. I loved seeing each twin find their way to a happy ending. Their adventure is full of emotions. It was nice to watch the relationships develop as their story progresses. Love blossoms while trust must be earned. It was nice to see that not only will Bobby and Robin always be there for each other, but their friends will as well. Micah and Paolo are strong characters and add a nice dimension to the story and I enjoyed seeing the four men not only interact as couples but with each other as well. Robin and Bobby learn that love comes to those that are willing to fight for it.
This is another great read in the Balls to the Walls series by Tara Lain. It moves along nicely, and the characters are full of depth and emotions. I was quickly drawn into their adventure and cannot wait to see what will happen next in this world.

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