Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Beautiful Evil Winter' by Kelly K. Lavender

This book is set in the time just after the USSR collapses and describes the terrifying events that an adoptive couple goes through in order to adopt a son. They decide to go the foreign adoption route because there are more babies available and because, being an older couple, they might find it difficult to be placed with an infant in a traditional adoption.
Just a heads up, this book is written in first person present, which is a turn-off for a lot of readers, and there are several flashbacks. It was a little awkward for me to begin with, but I soon got into the swing of it. One issue I found was that there were several awkward word choices as well as historical discrepancies – the book could have used more editing.

However, even with the issues, the story itself was riveting, and I enjoyed the plot – what Sophia and Ethan had to go through to get their new son safely to the United States was chilling. It is said that opposites attract, and that was certainly the case with Sophia and Ethan. She was definitely the stronger of the pair. That said, Ethan did step up when it was necessary, which won him points from me.

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