Saturday, March 10, 2018

Book Review: 'At Fairfield Orchard' by Emma Cane

At Fairfield Orchard is the first installment of the series with the same name. It is a story of the Fairfield family and their 200 year-old orchard that is built on the land the family bought from Thomas Jefferson.
Amy Fairfield is a dutiful daughter and sister, a college dropout and a former real estate agent. She returned home after a bad break-up and she returned full of regret and guilt. Her former relationship was not a happy one and her boyfriend was a mean drunk who kept her away from her family. Jonathan Gebhart is Amy’s complete opposite. He is a history professor at the University of Virginia. He is also an only child and a nerdy guy with a great body. His field of research (it can be easily said obsession) is Thomas Jefferson. Due to the direct link between Fairfield Orchard and Thomas Jefferson, Jonathan approached the Fairfield family and asks their help. Although both Amy and Jonathan are reluctant to have a relationship, sparks fly and they cannot deny there is something between them.
This was a fast and enjoyable read for me, although it would be even better if the story could have focused more on the romance part and less on Amy trying to rebuild her life in her hometown. I like to read about developing relationships between a heroine and hero so for me I found that the romance part was a bit rushed in this story.
The author used some common situations that are already seen in romance novels in order to push Amy and Jonathan’s relationship to the next level. In a way, some of the interactions and development of Amy and Jonathan’s relationship was predictable. On the other hand I absolutely liked how the author developed other aspects of the story, for example, Amy’s relationship with her twin brother and former friends, the atmosphere in her hometown, and especially the secondary characters. All of the secondary characters, from Amy’s twin brother Tyler, to her neighbor Miss Jablonsky, are done in great detail. They are realistic and three dimensional. During the read I already started guessing as to who the next potential couple might be.
At Fairfield Orchard is worth reading. Although I wish there were more interactions between Amy and Jonathan because I liked their chemistry, I enjoyed this lovely and sweet story.

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