Saturday, March 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Annie’s Defiance' by Nicole Pouchet


What a great infusion of paranormal, mythology and romance in such a tiny package. This is a great little gem for fans that appreciate a quick burst of drama to provide spice to a fast paced story that culminates in a satisfying happy ever after. It’s light but effective and entertaining.
Annie’s Defiance was a nice discovery. I have not read the previous two books in the series but didn’t feel left out or lost. This novella is strictly about Annie and Stone and how and why they come together in this moment in time. Ms. Pouchet introduced a sweet and convincing reason as to why Stone and Annie’s relationship moved so fast going from strangers to lovers. The description of The River was brief but poignant and heartfelt. It embodied Stone’s long frustration and heartache, and in learning the truth, it made me feel very happy that Stone finally had a chance to experience true love.
Tyler’s role was confusing for me. In the beginning I was sure he was in the same class as Stone because of how Stone reacted to him. Then when the truth came out later on I was even more confused because the hero’s initial reaction would have made more sense if Tyler at the end was Tyler at the beginning but since he wasn’t it didn’t so that was a major stumbling block that affected my rating.
I liked the mythological aspect of the story, and the dialogue that occurs between the two protagonists. Sometimes their conversations were stilted or lacked a fullness to express the characters more completely but overall it was enough to keep me interested and entertained. Annie’s internal dialogue made it very clear that there was a conflict between her logical lawyer mind and her new reality. Fortunately, for the sake of the story, it was brief and her waffling didn’t overwhelm the overall plot.
When Annie and Stone consummate their passion it’s sexy and sensual and it was written in perfect balance to the rest of the tale. The focus is on the plot, Annie’s new magical power, hers and Stone’s relationship growth and their dodging an evil entity. It’s a neatly delivered romance sure to please a reader who is looking for quick passionate satisfaction and paranormal entertainment with a bit of suspense to make it adventurous. Annie’s Defiance is a delightful nugget of romantic fun.

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