Thursday, March 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Along the Way: Book Five' by Teresa Schapansky

Canadian author Teresa Schapansky enters the world of children’s books with a very thoughtful and entertaining series entitled ALONG THE WAY. Thus far there are five books with hopefully more to come. The illustrations are by Ken Golden. Teresa is a sharp journalist and a popular speaker in schools and other gatherings and her early love for stories lead to books before she finally decided to write this series.

As an introduction to the entire series Teresa states,’ In our books you’ll find short stories, and you’ll meet ordinary, everyday children who face ordinary, everyday problems; read along as our new friends learn how to best solve such problems. We’ll go on make believe road trips and come across some pretty amazing facts that deal with different cultures, exciting history, geography, horticulture, science, and more. Most importantly, ALONG THE WAY books are dedicated to encouraging children to broaden their horizons – be all they can be – al the while, sharpening reading skills which are in fact, necessary, as they embark on this fantastic path to lifelong learning.’

And then we meet our host Albertosaurus (aka Albert) a dinosaur. In Book 5 – WELCOME TO SASKATCHEWAN! – Albert shares interesting Dino Triva. The we meet his young friends Hailey and Emma who upon awakening go out and gather eggs, feed the hens and do their chores. Then at breakfast they learn about a new railroad coming to town – and the opportunity for their father to find good employment. The town springs to life and the family is happy. Then comes this versions ALONG THE WAY trip – a ride on the Canadian Pacific Railway with a history and all the spots of beauty along the way. They come to Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan and the home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Then we learn from a further a lesson in history and dinosaurology! Teresa has a fine way with words, explaining many facts children can understand and learn about different places and concepts. It looks like this is the first of a long ongoing series we can anticipate! Grady Harp, June 15

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