Thursday, March 8, 2018

Book Review: 'Abbie and the Alien Official' by Jessica Coulter Smith

If you read the synopsis, it pretty much sums up the whole story but it does not capture the emotion that the author manages to inject into Abbie’s character and situation, nor does it hint at Larimar’s gaffe. For such a respected, responsible and hardworking individual, the hero finds those stalwart labels flying out the window in his pursuit of Abbie. It’s the ability to touch a reader’s feelings and sensibilities that made this short story worth reading.
I take umbrage over the wording in the synopsis about Abbie’s mom. The heroine’s relationship with her mom is the strongest emotional element in the story and it’s there that I found the strength and depth that gave this tale that half bit more in the rating. Sure, the sex is well written and gives erotic romance fans their due, but I need more than that. The power of engagement comes from the hero’s fallibility and the heroine’s unconditional love.
There were light brushes of conflict or consternation or annoyance throughout book but the main effect I received from reading this short story was optimism and hope. Okay, so there were a few grins and the enjoyment of some hanky-panky too, so overall, Abbie and the Alien Official was a good read.
If a fan likes their romance with an alien flavor that engages just as well as an erotic Earth-bound romance, then this tale is a perfect short-shot of fun.

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