Sunday, February 18, 2018

Book Review: 'ZAC THE ZOMBIE and the Fart that Killed the Fairy' by Darrin Mason

Australian author and artist Darrin Mason is a freelance cartoonist whose work has appeared in a number of Australian newspapers and magazines (People magazine and The Truth newspaper to name but two) and as a producer at 4BC radio in Brisbane, Australia. His signature: spitting in the face of political correctness! Darrin has a gift – both as an illustrator and as a naughty storyteller. The book is hilarious – especially if you like dark humor – but then Zac is a zombie so what can you expect? Gross? Yes, but so funny that you go along for the ride.

In this outing Zac the Zombie eats a can of baked beans and produces a fart so foul that it creeps beneath the door of his house and find the grossly obese fairy who is so fat she is huge. The fart makes her explode and the flying parts of her body contents wreck havoc on many creatures – all in an outrageously ridiculous and superbly entertaining way that reading the book will bring tears of laughter for sure. Not only is Darrin a unique (and wonderfully gross) storyteller, but he is also an excellent maker of rhymes and artist who makes this entire tale one you’ll want to share –especially with kids who have found an author who uses forbidden language brought into their homes by their understanding parents. Relax and enjoy this terrific little whopper. Grady Harp, December 15

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