Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book Review: 'World's Best 10 Keys To Success' by Tye Gnass, James Shendal, and Steven David

Authors Tye Gnass (an exceptionally handsome professional model and actor with interests in music, physical activity and world travel), James Shendal and Steven David originally published this book in 2014, but with the times changing and people looking inward during these rather chaotic times for ways to enrich their emotional and life experience success will find this book not only helpful, but also extraordinarily timely.

Very reality oriented, this book and its authors state, ‘Picture this book as a tool. It sets out to help people better understand themselves and their goals. Here is where people are going to realize that what they desire and want out of life can be attained. Through extensive research, and actual testimony from successful and unsuccessful people alike, this book will help to outline a healthy equation that we all should apply to our lives. Put the themes this book conveys into practice, and it will result in accomplishment and happiness; but more so this book hopes to provide the reader a fulfillment, fit for him or her self.’

Ready to work? In order to profit from your experience with purchasing and reading this book there is work required – honest and rewarding work. Instead of burying the essence of the title of the book deep in the middle or this generous tome, instead those keys are presented early on – ‘The 10 keys to success are as follows: Family First, Friends Forever, Income To Grow, Travel The World, Relationships That Work, Self Fulfillment, Happiness Now, Giving More Nourishment For Mind & Body, and Exercise For Life.’ These keys may seem obvious at first, but read on and discover how each of these subjects/goals/keys need to be explored fully, and that is precisely what the authors have done. They have placed before us a means of evaluating what is important in life – aspects we may have been taking for granted until someone caringly says ‘pause a moment’.

This book, as the authors state, is ‘more than just a self help book’. This is a guidebook to success in all aspects of our lives. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, April 16

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