Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Book Review: 'The Wind Guardian' by Frank Scozzari

Glance through California author Frank Scozzari's biographical data and the seeds of his fertile mind and imagination and poetic inclinations are evident. Born in New York, Frank soon after birth moved to California, graduated form Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and spent his young years on a trek through the world, gathering information and experiences across America, twice trekked the John Muir Trail, backpacked through Europe, camel-backed the ruins of Giza, jeep-trailed the length of the Baja peninsula three times, globe-trotted from China to the Pyrenees to the White Nights of northern Russia, and once climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro - the highest point in Africa - for his many writings. He has been a four-time Pushcart Prize nominee, and his award-winning short stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines including The Emerson Review, Berkeley Fiction Review, Tampa Review, War Literature & the Arts (U.S. Air Force Academy), Pacific Review, Eleven Eleven, The Bitter Oleander, South Dakota Review, Minetta Review (NYU), Hawaii Pacific Review, Ellipsis Magazine, The Nassau Review, The MacGuffin, Reed Magazine, The Broken Plate, Roanoke Review, and Short Story America, and have been featured in literary theater. Impressive, yes, but all that is simply background white noise when compared to the experience of reading Frank's work: his novel FROM AFAR is one of this reader’s favorites, but THE WIND GUARDIAN sweeps in close behind.

Briefly, ‘The ultimate threats facing United States come to life. With the help of an inside man, a group of determined terrorists siege a nuclear power plant, intending to spread radiation and wreak destruction into the world. The only thing standing in their way are two misfit security guards, who return to their posts and realize what is happening in the power plant. The two soon find themselves in a battle against time and odds, as the terrorists facing them will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. The Wind Guardian exposes the vulnerability of a terrorist attack on one of our nation's nuclear power plants from an insider’s perspective.’

But for a taste of the poetry, ‘Outside the bedroom window, dusk settled over the small coastal community of San Roque. Like every other California beach town, it had the typical storefronts which lined its beach promenade, known as Front Street. The caf├ęs, which were most active during the summer months, were idle now. Beyond the promenade were the roof-tops of many apartment complexes, and further out were the vibrant green coastal hills, soon to be singed brown by the coming summer sun. The Coast Road, which dissected the
town, approached from the south winding through small coastal hills along a creek filled with sycamore trees.’ Now place in this setting two lovers and the scene is set for beautiful writing of a thrilling story.

As said before, Frank Scozzari will become planted in the field of important American authors of the day. He writes with infectious energy, humor, angst, and sensitivity and teaches us more about love than most authors attempt in a lifetime. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, November 15

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