Sunday, February 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Where Do They Go When It Rains?' by Helen H. Wu

Helen H. Wu, was born and raised in Hefei, China. Helen took private lessons and studied drawing for more than ten years beginning at age six. She attended Renmin University of China, majoring in Public Management, after that she came to the United States to study Applied Economics. During her school days Helen traveled to many places in Asia, Europe and North America. These journeys exposed her to various cultures and arts, while providing inspiration for her artistic creativity. Helen's love of art is deep rooted. She taught herself graphic design and after graduation she opened her own art studio. Helen started to illustrate children's books in 2011. Currently she is a freelance artist living in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and a lab pup. "I'm a graphic designer, children's book illustrator and writer. Art is a world that I can escape into that is dreamy, expansive, expressive, and timeless. I enjoy exploring various art mediums which includes: acrylics; pen and ink; pencil; digital and mixed media. My artworks are inspired by the unique elements of everyday life, my Labrador pup Bear, the amazing people I meet, nature itself, novels I read, movies I watch and music I listen to. "

In Helen’s rhyming poetry our story begins with a rainstorm that begins with lightning, thunder, and wind and our little friend Marcus the Monkey began to run back home, wondering where all the others go when it rains. He passes by a team of ants moving into their crusting home, bees returning to their beehive to protect their honey, a caterpillar hiding under a big safe leaf, swallows rushing into the protective bushes, rabbits scurrying into their burrow, squirrels hiding in their hollow of a tree, a fox just rambling along, a bear and her cub headed for their cave, but ducks and frogs enjoying the replenishment of their pond. But finally the rain slowly stops and the rainbow comes out.

Helen’s book not only discusses nature’s variations, but describes the various animals and how they live - making this story not only a fun adventure but also a lesson in counting and zoology! Grady Harp, August 15

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