Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book Review: 'What Do You Do With a Grampa?' by Linda S. Locke

Ohio author Linda S. Locke, PhD has recently retired as an Elementary Principal of twenty-one years having been an educator for thirty-eight years. She specializes in working with students about how to help victims of bullying to find their voice and be victims no more. She also enjoys collaborating with children as she has done in this book WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A GRAMPA – a book illustrated by Liesl Shultz and the Urbana South Elementary Third Graders. Each illustration on each page is signed by the artist!

In Linda’s charming rhyme she lists the things a child can do with a Grampa – walk, talk, paddle a boat, float, fish, tell him a wish, talk on the phone, share an ice cream cone, swim, hike, bike, camp and more. But most important is a smile, a wink, a cuddle, a blink and saying I love you.

The particular pleasure of seeing how Linda worked with third graders to finish this little book for children is seeing the colorful images mirror the words. This little book will be a favorite with children – but it would be a terrific gift form a child to a grandfather! Grady Harp, April 16

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