Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Book Review: 'Untouchable' by Elizabeth SaFleur

Author Elizabeth SaFleur has the experience of serving as a public relations practitioner to Washington, DC clients for thirty years. Now she is a successful writer of erotic erotica romance and uses the moniker Elizabeth SaFleur `since her former business clients might be shocked at her new career choice.' UNTOOUCHABLE is Book 2 in a series she calls `Elite Doms of Washington' and it sizzles in what is becoming a very popular ongoing saga.

Elizabeth's obvious familiarity with the city of Washington DC is apparent from page one, and as we move briskly through this fascinating story, it is equally apparent that she is imbued with both a familiarity with the social life, the government types, and the shenanigans that only occasionally creep into the media. But back to the set-up on page one: `My future will be made in the next thirty minutes. Okay, perhaps she was being a tad theatrical. But the thought wasn't too far from the truth. London Chantelle took in a sobering, deep breath. Drama wouldn't help her. Carson Drake sat on the other side of that door. She had to focus on business today-- and only business. She smoothed her pencil skirt down for the twentieth time, pulled her shoulders back and marched her Kate Spade pumps into Whitestone International's boardroom. The men around the table stood as she entered. Carson was conspicuously absent. Good. She'd dubbed the company's contentious head of legal and public affairs the "Gladiator." All too often she'd felt like the weaker opponent in the arena of his boardroom. After the pleasantries of handshakes and good-to-see-yous were over, London launched into her pitch. It took under twenty minutes to explain why she believed Whitestone required a full-scale rebranding. Isolated at the other end of the vast conference table, CEO Stan Whitestone and his CFO leafed through the thick packet she'd slaved over for two weeks. She sat still and silent in the enormous leather chair, taking the moment to assess his mood. You could tell a lot about someone by watching their face as they read. So far, so good. Mr. Whitestone pushed his copy of her proposal forward on the table. He leaned back in his chair and smiled. Oh, thank God. He doesn't hate it. Her promotion to vice president at Yost and Brennan Communications rode on his acceptance.'

The synopsis of the book validates that opening: `Wealthy Washington, D.C. corporate attorney and seasoned Dominant, Carson Drake is the master of the romantic pre-emptive strike. One weekend is all he needs or wants, and every relationship is over before it begins. But London Chantelle, his company's public relations "princess," intrigues and provokes the protective alpha male in him. Outside the office, their unexpected meeting at a local BDSM club presents the opportunity to do what he's always wanted--earn her submission. He proposes a unique weekend of sensual pleasure. Though damaged from her history and mistrustful of men, London agrees to forty-eight hours with Carson, anticipating she could finally put her unwanted, darker longings to rest. The passionate weekend proves beyond what either expected and they quickly discover how perfect they could be together. But London's long-buried secrets and a blackmailing co-worker interrupt their weekend of romantic exploration. Carson calls on the powerful and secret Tribunal organization for support. But soon the greatest threat to Carson and London's relationship is revealed--their own assumptions about love.'

Just the right mix of character development to make the steamy erotic scenes of BDSM peak, and Elizabeth writes these encounters with vivid reality. She knows what she is about, and given her extensive background in DC she adds to that a real talent for excellent writing. The lady is on her way up the erotica ladder! Grady Harp, July 15

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