Thursday, February 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Strategic Career Engagement' by Donn LeVie Jr.

Author Donn LeVie Jr. knows he ropes of getting a job. He has held hiring manager positions for Phillips Petroleum, Motorola SPS, Intel Corporation and smaller companies while serving in technical, marketing, and communications capacities. Over the course of his 25-plus year career, Donn has reviewed more than a thousand résumés and cover letters and interviewed hundreds of candidates for positions in the earth sciences, software engineering, microprocessor design, marketing, and technical communications. And that is where the impact of this book comes. Yet that is not all Donn does – coach manager and potential employees – he is a professional musician and has written about his chosen instrument – the guitar – in many successful books and has performed widely as a member of Allegro Austin, a flute and classical guitar ensemble.

In his introduction he sets the tone for his very helpful book. ‘Strategic Career Management is about developing a strategy for eliminating the competition for any job or promotion by making your expertise and the benefits of your expertise so much in demand by a hiring manger that you become the only logical choice of candidate.’ And from there on the secrets (and honest common sense) just pour forth. As he states in the synopsis, ’Becoming the hiring manager's candidate of choice is not a matter of luck--it's how well your accomplishments and the benefits of your expertise can contribute toward an organization's strategic objectives. Strategic Career Engagement shows you how to: * Enhance your likeability factor by including words hiring managers favor in your cover letters, résumés, and interviews *Create an impressive portfolio that sells your skills, core competencies, and functional expertise *Position yourself as a valuable asset to the hiring manager *Promote your expertise, even after the interview has ended.’

Straightforward, realistic, empathetic and informative, this little book is a must have for those in that huge job market search that gets tougher every day. Highly Recommended reading. Grady Harp, October 15

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