Sunday, February 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Storms' by Kevin L. Nielsen

Utah author Kevin L Nielsen has an aspect of his personality that endears him to his readers even before starting his books. He calls his works ‘Where sarcasm and realism collide’. That sort of healthy fun attitude guarantees his book will capture the imagination and attention of the young adult reader. Add his own bio description as writing epic, young adult, and urban fantasy and dabbling in science fiction when the fancy takes him. ‘His writing group, Team Unleashed, keeps him grounded and away from purple prose about falcons, dragons, and worldbuilding. He likes cheese.’ STORMS is the sequel to his popular SANDS, Book 1 of his Sharani Series.

For those who have not had the pleasure of reading SANDS, perhaps the following will offer the elements necessary to pick up STORMS:’ For nine months of the year, the sands of the Sharani Desert are safe. The genesauri—giant, flying, serpentine monsters who hunt across the desert in enormous packs—lie dormant. The smallest of their kind is able to take down a single man with ease, and the largest is able to swallow entire clans. The people of the desert have always been able to predict the creatures’ appearance, but this year, the genesauri have stopped following the rules. When the genesauri suddenly attack her clan, seventeen-year-old Lhaurel draws a sword in her people’s defense—a forbidden practice for women of any clan—and is sentenced to death by her own people. Chained to a rock and left to be eaten by the next wave of genesauri, Lhaurel is rescued by a mysterious, elusive clan said to curse children at a glance, work unexplainable terrors, and disappear into the sands without a trace. With the fate of the clans hanging in the balance, Lhaurel discovers she possesses a rare and uncontrollable power—one that will be tested as the next deadly genesauri attack looms on the horizon and the clash between clans grows more inevitable by the hour.’

On his website Keviin offers the following: ‘Storms rage across the Sharani desert. Those clansmen who survived the devastation in the Oasis take refuge in the Roterralar Warren. But just as they grew to understand in the Oasis, maybe they weren’t meant to be together at all. Change is in the wind. The Orinai are coming. Gavin struggles to find his place within the clans while Beryl begins to recognize that what he did in calling the Orinai will have devastating consequences. In an effort to atone for that, he sets in motion events that will lead to the end of safety and, possibly, the destruction of the Rahuli people. After waking from weeks of troubled slumber, Lhaurel struggles with what she had to do in the Oasis and the burdgeoning powers within her. As everything she holds dear begins to fall apart again she is plagued with the one, most important question. Can she save her people once again or is she unwilling to pay that price?”

Kevin’s writing style is sophisticated, elevating the YA book genre to new levels. Yes, as in all novels of this type the reader must learn to deal with strange names and descriptions and places, but Kevin make learning those such fun that they offer no barrier. Step onto the magic carpet for an exhilarating ride. Grady Harp, December 15

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