Sunday, February 4, 2018

Book Review: 'The Stewardess's Diary - Part Two' by S.M. Pratt

New author S.M. Pratt opens her career as a writer of erotica with a ten part series – THE STEWARDESS’S DIARY – designed for exploring all manner of erotic scene and impulses and concepts that stretch the usual boundaries of other authors. She is a single woman traveling the world on her own, living in the moment, looking for more than love, and always trying out new things – and she translates those experiences into various countries’ names for this ongoing series.

Just to tempt us into these stories the author offers, ‘What would you do if you found someone's private diary, filled with detailed erotic tales? Charlie, an airline pilot, finds a beautiful brown leather notebook in his briefcase. After reading and re-reading the mysterious diary, he grows obsessed with the stewardess who wrote it: How she most willingly let her naiveté be robbed from her; how she started venturing into new sexual territories; how she gradually developed a ravenous sexual appetite... The salacious and explicit accounts of this mystery stewardess's unconventional sex life trigger an uncontrollable urge in Charlie: A need to hunt her down. Will he manage to uncover the identity of the stewardess and tame his obsession?’

In Part 2: Mexico, the Stewardess is stranded in Cancun, once again let down by another man - Matt. Finding herself without plans at the last minute, she joins two young, beautiful blonde women on their yacht for a quiet afternoon. ‘What else am I going to do? Could be good fun: beautiful women, a boat, the ocean, drinks, maybe the handsome coastguard would be invited too?’ And so proceeds another tale from our stewardess’s diary that involves two girlfriends and some steamy ménage scenes with lots of surprises.

Another creative and playful romp, now in Cancun, and SM Pratt has done it again – steamy, adventuresome an entertaining for a summer evening read. Grady Harp, July 16

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