Sunday, February 4, 2018

Book Review: 'The Stewardess's Diary - Part Three' by S.M. Pratt

New author S.M. Pratt opens her career as a writer of erotica with a ten part series – THE STEWARDESS’S DIARY – designed for exploring all manner of erotic scene and impulses and concepts that stretch the usual boundaries of other authors. She is a single woman traveling the world on her own, living in the moment, looking for more than love, and always trying out new things – and she translates those experiences into various countries’ names for this ongoing series.

Just to tempt us into these stories the author offers, ‘What would you do if you found someone's private diary, filled with detailed erotic tales? Charlie, an airline pilot, finds a beautiful brown leather notebook in his briefcase. After reading and re-reading the mysterious diary, he grows obsessed with the stewardess who wrote it: How she most willingly let her naiveté be robbed from her; how she started venturing into new sexual territories; how she gradually developed a ravenous sexual appetite... The salacious and explicit accounts of this mystery stewardess's unconventional sex life trigger an uncontrollable urge in Charlie: A need to hunt her down. Will he manage to uncover the identity of the stewardess and tame his obsession?’

Pratt gets our attention immediately by introducing her pilot: ‘I'm Charlie, a veteran pilot for a major international airline that shall remain nameless for reasons you'll soon come to understand. A year ago, while waiting for my flight to London in the airline's lounge at one of America's largest hubs, I discovered that a special and highly personal journal had come to be in my possession. How it happened, I will never know. The beautiful brown leather notebook nonetheless appeared in my briefcase at some point between the time I left my New York penthouse apartment and arrived in the airport lounge. Perhaps it was a mix-up at security, or some devious stewardess with sly hand skills, but I've since become obsessed with the person who wrote that diary, her stories, and— to be blunt— her unconventional sex life. My best friend— let's call him Bob— is one of my regular co-pilots. Bob advised me to forget about the journal and ignore my hunch to track down its rightful owner. After my initial reading of her hand-written accounts, the part of me who's loyal to the airline and who wants the best for our passengers certainly needed to find that stewardess and expel her from our company— or from whatever airline she's with. This woman is surely a threat to any crew with her irreverent disregard for our uniforms, her sexual behavior with passengers and airline employees, and the way she ignores airline regulations. She should clearly be punished for her conduct... But after reading and re-reading each one of her journal entries, another, more animal part of me has been growing fond of her complete lack of boundaries, her willingness to experiment, and her ravenous sexual appetite. I've had my fair share of illicit affairs with female flight attendants and co-pilots…etc.

So here we are with ‘Costa Rica’ and our stewardess continues her erotic and adventuresome escapades. Costa Rica sees the Stewardess come out of her shell, actively ‘putting herself out there’ to try and enjoy herself. During a weekend getaway on her own, she signs up for a surf lesson with a handsome instructor. But a surprise awaits them when a cop finds them naked on the beach and makes demands of his own. And at story’s end we are given three options on how to discover our unnamed stewardess writer diarist. And one works…Charlie the pilot seeks a friend’s help in identifying the stewardess and enters into his own realm of curious erotica. More steamy scenes and voyeurism than you could expect from a short novella and more to come in this extended hunt for the identity of the stewardess who wrote the diary! SM Pratt has it down well. Grady Harp, July 16

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