Sunday, February 4, 2018

Book Review: 'Spiritual Healing for Today, Tomorrow & Beyond' by Don Mardak

Wisconsin (and Florida!) author Don Mardak has long be been a student of Christian mysticism, conducting classes on Living the Mystical Life, as well as being a successful entrepreneur as President, CEO, and Chairman of a small public company-International Monetary Systems, or IMS Barter. His passion - to apply the mystical principles in his business dealings and relationships. He has written three books - An Adventure In Mysticism, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline, and Spiritual Healing for Today, Tomorrow, & Beyond.

For those who have read ‘An Adventure n Mysticism’ and ‘Armageddon and the 4th Timeline’, this book step away from paranormal storylines and delves into reality in addressing our present global condition and how to survive and thrive. In his Introduction he speaks to us directly: ‘Judging by appearances, this world is in need of healing! Many diseases that were prevalent and incurable sixty years ago are still incurable today; and compounding the situation, a host of new maladies have also now manifested themselves. After dozens of years and billions of dollars worth of research, our learned and dedicated medical establishment continues to stand impotent before virulent cancer cells, the HIV virus, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. The evil perpetrated by man’s inhumanity to man, while reasonably dormant in most civilized and developed countries, is a perpetual menace to lower class, underprivileged citizens of Third World and emerging nations. Economic freedom and its concomitant benefits are merely a distant, unattainable yearning for a majority of the people living on this planet. And even the forces of nature seem to have gone completely out of control. Almost daily we hear of the damaging physical and economic effects of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Can this world be saved? Is it possible to find some order and peace amidst all this chaos? The truth is: ‘this world’ cannot be healed or saved, because it is merely a conceptual arena of conflicting forces— a false sense of the divine reality, which must be perceived through a higher, enlightened state of consciousness. Since the beginning of time, inquiring men and women have been searching for the true meaning of life. Many have asked the question: Is mankind’s existence on Earth merely a biological accident, or is there a higher Intelligence maintaining and sustaining the universe? Though some people have mindlessly accepted the trite explanations of established religions, for others, blind faith and the
inadequate answers given by the churches do not satisfy their inner longing for Truth. For these discerning people, the old theology does not suffice. But is there an absolute Truth that can be perceived by the finite mind of man? And in our search for this Truth, might we not discover that satisfactory answers to our most basic questions already exist in the spiritual and mystical literature of the world? The answers to these questions are yes and yes…The healing power of God is once again being evidenced whenever a dedicated, illumined individual becomes consciously aware of his or her unity with the Source of all life. In those mystical moments of God-realization, the human mind completely surrenders itself and becomes a pure transparency through which the Presence of God is visibly manifested in that person’s outer experience. But most important, each one of us has the innate capacity to exhibit a measure of this awakened consciousness. We can rise above the limitations imposed upon us by our belief in heredity, by our false education in this world, and by the degree to which we have accepted humanhood as the totality of our existence. We can become aware of our true identity as the perfect likeness of God and, in that realization, achieve a life that is lived under divine grace.’

From this opening Don teaches us how true spiritual healing is still available. He outlines his personal journey from illness to health, from lack to abundance, and offers an inspiring selection of powerful wisdoms on which to meditate. Moving, involving and spiritual healing are presented both through a fine course of history and through evidence of today. Don offers wisdom and insight and is well worth reading. Grady Harp, July 16

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