Monday, February 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Special Goldfish' by Alma J. Wilson

Alma Wilson is a unique author – and this being her third children’s book proves that her philosophy about writing for children works. She has stated, ‘The written word has power to address, and settle, powerful emotions in a totally safe environment. When a child opens a book and watches his favorite fictional characters work through bigger-than-him problems, he finds within himself the power to conquer his own fears…I also learned that kids are smart. The need to simplify vocabulary is not a mandate to "dumb down" the content of their reading material. Today's kids deal with some pretty tough challenges, and I believe their books should face them directly, with courage and optimism.’ Encouraging words from an author whose talent is obvious.

A little Goldfish is happy swimming in the stream but that happy state is not shared by the creatures he encounters – a bullfrog, a spider, a bunny, a bluebird – until he sees his friend the cat. The cat loves goldfish’s swimming and rests by the water until night comes and then cat tucks the goldfish in bed. Friends of meaning.

The story is tender and sweet, the illustrations by lewisjamesart are additive, and in all this is a successful book by a writer who cares about the quality of children’s literature. Grady Harp, June 16

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