Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Review: 'The Silver Thread' by Emigh Cannaday

Wisconsin author Emigh Cannaday has been around from Paris to Portland. Emigh’s young years were spent drawing, painting, and writing down her elaborate daydreams that focus on nature, intuition, and a bit of magic. In addition to writing she co-hosts the Wine Wars podcast, a show dedicated to wine and Star Wars!

Originally written in 2012 as Book 2 in her The Annika Brisby Series, the book is now available to the larger audience enjoying Kindle books. It is apparent from the first chapter that this is no ordinary romance novel – and as a matter of fact it is difficult to place it and any particular genre – perhaps mythological, fantasy, sci-fi with a parallel universe with ogres, fairies, elves, vampires, wood nymphs and druids, all woven with a real life.

Given this book is a continuation of Book 1 The Flame and the Arrow (and hopefully the reader has the opportunity to start with that book) Emigh’s brief synopsis offers just the right amount of seduction to magnetize any reader: ‘Talvi Marinossian has slain maenads and fought off vampire attacks, but nothing has prepared him for getting involved with one of these forbidden 'Modern Girls'. When he finally tracks down Annika it's obvious that she's changed since her recent adventure in his homeland. It's also clear that she's not ready to embrace the next chapter in her life. He tries to persuade her to open up to him, but she finds it difficult since he won't even explain how he earns a living, why he has a secret cell phone, or the reason he keeps another woman's handkerchief in his pocket. Instead of relying on Talvi to help her adjust, Annika delves into her music and her job, and it isn't long before the new lovers find themselves completely out of sync with one another. Just when they start to find their rhythm, Talvi is called away on business and whisks Annika off to Paris for what is supposed to be a working vacation. But one bad decision leads to another, and the chaos that ensues may cost someone their life.’

Emigh’s particular form of fantasy and paranormal romance…works! That is the best we can take away form this her second novel. She has an intuitive sense of where she want to conjoin fantasy with reality, transcending time barriers with ease, and never letting the flow of the novel pause for lack for propulsive action. It is exciting, sensitive, and sweet. The story weaves its own spell and tosses in enough erotica to keep the flames burning. A fine paranormal romance adventure - and to say anymore would spoil the ride! Grady Harp, May 16

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