Friday, February 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Shotgun Wedding' by Natasha Tanner and Ali Piedmont

San Francisco author Natasha Tanner currently works as a secretary in a law firm but her passion is writing - and about romance stories those antagonists are the men she hates to love and loves to hate: the Bad Boys. The BAD BOYS theme is a theme Natasha (and now with co-author Ali Piedmont) has developed very well. Her 'bad boys' are basically Alpha Men who take advantage of women until a strong woman matches egos and pursuits. The interchange provides plenty of opportunities for crises and resolution of same but the concept of bad boys offers an opportunity for erotic encounters with a punch, and Natasha excels in those passages. She continues to mature as a writer and her erotic imagination keeps pace.

Natasha blends mystery, crime, gang (mafia) violence, and politics into this little sizzler of a story. This is a very strong novel. The synopsis provided shows the vantage of the two main characters: ‘Kat'' - My father's marrying me off to the Russian mob. 'But is it still a shotgun wedding ... if I used to be in love with the groom? Gray Petrokov was my closest friend and confidant when I was teenager. Then he left town and broke my heart into a million pieces. Now he's back and waiting for me at the altar. But Gray's transformed into a tattooed hitman with a cocky smile, a dirty mouth, and the biggest ... um ... gun I've ever seen. I'd be crazy to still be in love with him. I'm not the kind of girl who takes orders, even from a Bratva boss. Even when I'm carrying his secret baby. So, I'm planning on being a runaway bride. But what will I do if he catches me? Gray'' - I never wanted innocent Kat to be touched by my criminal lifestyle. But now she's in deep. And that's all I can think of: being deep inside her.'' That, and keeping us alive. Kat was too good for me, too good for the things I've done. So I pushed her away. Now she's caught up with the mob and I'm her only hope. She's looking at me like I'm a killer—and she's right. My feelings for her haven't changed. Call me crazy. Obsessed. An animal. But if she finds out I've been lying to her … she'll run. Now that I've had a taste of her, I'll never let her go. I'll chase her, hunt her down, claim her as mine. No matter what.’

Fine intrigue and love interest story and toss that with a heft does of steamy erotica and you have another winner from Natasha and her co-author Ali. Grady Harp, May 16

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