Saturday, February 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Shoot for the Moon' by Tamara Bond

The very beautiful Tamara Bond is a full time author continuing her successful series with SHOOT FOR THE MOON, the second installment in the Mystical Moonlight Mystery series. She is obviously devoted to the art of writing, along with a fascination with metaphysics and quantum physics, using both to enhance her romantic mysteries.

One sure way to guide a reader into the inner workings of a new character's mind is to open a story with an intense in medias res, a technique Tamara has down pat: ’ Finally, as if God had mercy on his desperation, the tall guy Bryce Gannon had waited for emerged from the restaurant in his gray sport coat. He popped open a fine-looking umbrella before nonchalantly heading uptown on Third Avenue, by himself, completely unaware of what was going to happen or who he had pissed off. Bryce gripped the silencer-tipped Beretta and proceeded forward, catching up with the target about halfway down the block. A few easy shots into the upper body from behind, and the man started to fall. But with a quick, strategic nudge, his body spilled down a service stairway that had been temporarily opened for a delivery truck. The whole routine was quick, easy and clean, just the way Bryce liked it. And he couldn’t have timed the sequence of events more perfectly. He glanced to his right and noticed the man’s pristine umbrella spinning around on the sidewalk. Laughing at his good fortune, Bryce scooped it up, backtracked to the restaurant and charged up toward the maĆ®tre d, closing his new possession as he stepped inside. “Table for one,” he requested enthusiastically. “I have a date with a ribeye… and a double shot of Laphroaig, neat.”

Atmosphere established, we again engage with the continuing main character, the psychic Annabelle Moon and the significance of introducing this book with the above excerpt becomes reasonable. Tamara’s synopsis leads us into this thriller: ‘A trip to the Greek Isles takes a shocking turn when a bizarre murder is committed, and only Annabelle Moon can unwind the mystery. Anna’s psychic abilities were a well-kept secret until she was outed on the front page of the New York Times. Since then, she’s been using her gifts at every turn, and when her close friend Briana is arrested for murder during their vacation in Santorini, Anna jumps at the chance to exonerate her. But it doesn’t take long before she unearths a disturbing mystery that almost leads to her own demise, making her question whether taking the case was such a good idea after all. To make matters worse, the evidence against Briana looks iron clad, and the police are ready to lock her up and throw away the key. Convincing the lead detective to question his open-and-shut case is akin to telling him he has to stop drinking Ouzo. Enter Alex, Annabelle’s tall, charming and sometimes infuriating English billionaire boyfriend. Turns out, someone’s trying to kill him, too, and it appears he’s reverted to his old ways, socializing with starlets and supermodels behind Anna’s back. So, when Alex shows up in Santorini, things get heated, even though he ends up being indispensable to the task at hand. Still, is the sexy hunk of a man worth all that trouble? The complications keep appearing out of nowhere, and it doesn’t take long before Anna’s mission seems like an exercise in futility. But can she use her paranormal abilities to unlock the missing pieces of the puzzle and still save the day?’

For a new writer Tamara Bond makes a strong impression with her ability to create credible conversations among her characters while keeping the metaphysical aspects of Annabelle's character equally viable. She has the strength to keep her plot rolling forward in a manner that holds the readers' attention while taking time out here and there for some well-sculpted romantic moments. She has a depth of talent that is even more solid that shown in her debut novel. She is one to watch. Grady Harp, July 16

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