Saturday, February 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Self Esteem' by Sandeep Sharma

Indian author Sandeep Sharma has worked with some of the most renowned organizations in the world- United Nations, International Air Transport Association. Sandeep has written three other books, ‘MASTER SELF-DISCIPLINE, ’ AFFILIATE MARKETING: Learn to make crazy money with affiliate marketing today’ and HABIT MAKES PERFECT: Morning Rituals of 12 Most Successful People. It is evident that his experience in volunteer work in India and Liberia as well as his experiences in Asia, Africa and Europe that he is a man who cares about how we interact with others, with our work associates, and primarily with ourselves! And now he turns to a more personal note – an observation he has made about our unique aspects and how to turn those into embellishing our happiness and success.

Sandeep’s mode of writing is inviting and considerate of his reader’s time. He gives background for his premise but then spends his (and our) time going to the core of his book. In is friendly and warm introduction he states ‘In today’s world, everyone has their own opinion about every other person on this planet. We are all bombarded with perception of us by our society, labeling us who we are, what we should do and what we should not. It’s never about us, it’s always about them telling us who we are. It’s always pointing at our imperfections and weakness, but never about how to innovate on those imperfections and raise our self esteem and be a better person. This leads us to doubt ourselves, and forced us to think what if I can’t do this or that? What if I can’t meet THEIR expectations? What will others think if I fail? What will s/ he think if I can’t…? and this list goes on. These thoughts haunt us, day and night, and eventually we become what society wants us to be. It’s always about their expectation, what about ours? “When can I stop being what I’m not?” Do you feel what I’m saying? If yes, then it’s time to discover, embrace and work on your imperfections, or in other words weaknesses and live the life in your way.’

On the premise that ‘imperfections can in fact be effectively harnessed to build self-esteem’, Sandeep approaches his subject with a clear teaching path: ‘Creating a new self, Why self esteem is so important, The key steps to building self esteem, Identifying & embracing imperfections, Why body language matters, The art of handling challenges, Speaking coherently is important, Emulating a role model, and Translating efforts into success.
Or as he concludes, ‘You just need to identify what is it that you’re lacking and what are the lacunae in your personality that need to be filled? And remember, the time to do that is today, not tomorrow, and never the day after tomorrow.

This is another brief but wise book written by a compassionate man who cares about us! Grady Harp, August 16

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