Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Book Review: 'Saving Sindia' by Peggy A. Edelheit

Author Peggy A. Edelheit has managed (in a writing range that is solid) to create what every author of romance adventures wants – a character so balanced and so real that all who read her series (of which this is book 10) end up saying ‘Everybody loves Samantha!’. Samantha Jamison is an author/sleuth and it is because of her well-sculpted personality that she manages to attract every one who comes across the good fortune of reading either all or some of this series.

Peggy jump starts this 10th book of the Samantha Jamison Mysteries – SAVING SINDIA – with her own vigor that revs up the story: ‘The constant, thrashing surf and cool sea breezes roused me from a deep sleep. Instead of my room reflected in the hues of the amber light filtering from the boardwalk, all I saw in front of me was black. What was I doing wearing an eye mask? But it couldn’t be that. I never used one. That didn’t stop me from reaching up to take it off though. Then something rock-solid abruptly trapped my arms and body from further movement, holding me in place, which didn’t make sense.’ Danger rears its head so early? According to the author this tale is based on a true unsolved historical mystery in Ocean City, New Jersey.

But on to Samantha’s tense opening: ‘I tried to sit, but the effort was impossible. Something unyielding had me pinned in an extremely dangerous and vulnerable, horizontal position and wasn’t letting up. Disturbing, sinister implications hit me hard. What would happen next? I was immobilized, restrained, helpless. ... And all alone in the house. Don’t panic, Samantha. Alarmed, my breath quickened and I began sweating. Before my second round of physical rehab, the doctor had requested an MRI for my lower back. Five weeks in a wheelchair, after one of my mysteries, had done its damage. But this felt different. Instead of an MRI closing in on me, causing claustrophobia, something was pinning me down, bordering on suffocation. Don’t freak out. Think. Could this be a nightmare? …. It was nothing but a horribly, too realistic, nightmare.’

Writing of this quality makes Peggy’s Samantha books sparkle. Add to the romantic and physical aspects some very well considered mystery development and you have another terrific outing with our favorite author/sleuth. Or as the little synopsis states, ‘Sam meets a mysterious man, a girl, and a devoted caregiver, while learning lessons from her past.

Hop on for another quick read that will entertain you during and after your accompanying Samantha Jamison. Grady Harp, June 16

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