Thursday, February 22, 2018

Book Review: 'Romance With A Touch of Love' by Kevin Hollingsworth

Kevin Hollingsworth presents his second book – the first was WONDERS – and this book, though very short, shares some personal moments and thoughts he has experienced – emotions about romance and love that are sensitive and warm.

The book is only 16 pages but it contains twelve one page moments for reflection, The various titles are American Princess, Her Name Was Lovely,
Cupid’s Love Song, Daniela, Death and Marriage, Hatred Has NO Place Here, If I Could Sing, Elegance, He Said Goodbye my love, Alone, Compassion, and Love.

To offer an example, the final page, LOVE, is shared here: ‘I looked up into the sky and I saw your rainbow. As you graciously walked across, your tears said goodbye to me for the last time. As I cried, I heard your soft and tender voice echo in the sky for a lifetime. My eyes would never touch you or see your light again. But I still fell in love with your memory so wonderful. As I lay to rest just before my solemn death I heard your voice once more echo in the sky: “ I love you, Kevin. I love you.” With this deep breath that would be my last, came the words: “ I love you, Adriana. I love you.”

Not meant to be classic literature, these little thoughts are touching and honest – refreshingly so! Grady Harp, October 15

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