Friday, February 2, 2018

Book Review: 'PROTECT HER' by Chloe Fischer

Chloe Fischer appears to be making a debut with PROTECT HER but she likely already has a following as this is designated as Book 1 of a series – an indicator that she has tried her talents elsewhere and succeeded.

But enough of guessing. Read a bit of the first part of this novel and it is evident the lady knows how to write! She describes her main male character as follows – ‘Blending into the crowd wasn't something that Dallas was so good at either. Standing at over six feet three inches tall, with very broad shoulders, a jaw that looked like it had been carved from granite and piercing blue eyes, he stood out like a sore thumb. That, added to the black suit he was forced to wear, meant that Dallas looked exactly like what he was – a bodyguard. Dallas hated being called a bodyguard, and more than that, he hated being treated like one. He found the term demeaning, and underplaying what he actually was. Ever since he had quit the Navy SEALs two years earlier, Dallas had worked for a high-class protection agency that specialized in the security of wealthy individuals. It was a job that was rewarding in its own way, and brought him some level of satisfaction – when he was allowed to actually do his job. But as Dallas climbed from the limousine and made his way to the crowd, he realized that today wasn't going to be one of those days.’

The subtitle to the book – ‘overprotective, dominant bodyguards are all the rage…’ hints at the story to come. We meet the main female character Cleo - ‘The first thing that people notice about Cleo is her hair. Although she always tries to play it off as strawberry-blonde, it is decidedly red. Long and wavy, the fire can be seen flowing down her back, kissing the top of her buttocks from a mile away. Today she had it tucked in a bun, in an attempt to hide it from view since she was trying hard to blend in to her surroundings. Her eyes were almost as startling as her hair. They were a sparkling green that showcased a sense of confidence not usually found in one so young. And finally, if one failed to notice these two features, her lithe body and wicked smile completed a package found in sirens in Greek mythology.’ and the
story progresses.

The plot synopsis allows entry – ‘Cleo’s intentions were good – she just needed money to help out a friend. Who knew that she’d soon have the most ruthless drug lord in the area out to kill her? Cleo’s brother is a cop who is going to clear up this mess for her – or try to. But in the meantime, he literally hand-delivers Cleo to his best friend Dallas for safekeeping. Dallas is a big, tough, ex-Navy SEAL - he’s handled way harder jobs than this babysitting gig. So what if he’s always been wildly attracted to his best friend’s little sister? He’s disciplined. He can control this. But what he really wants to do, is control her…’

For a series opener (an possibly a debut novel) this is strong work. Keep an eye on this artist. Grady Harp, November 17

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