Friday, February 9, 2018

Book Review: 'Pretty Little Creatures' by Vince Milam

Idaho author Vince Milam retains as much mystery about this background as he imbues in his supernatural mystery thrillers. From his resume, only the following offers a few facts: ` I live in the Intermountain West where soaring mountains and vast high deserts give a person plenty of room to think. I've lived and worked in over twenty-five countries around the globe, am a certified Wellness Coach, have a coterie of dear friends and family that provide succor and support, and have an old dog that is also a best buddy. I have an affinity for characters of all stripes, and strive to bring out the uniqueness of my literary protagonists.'

Vince states `All in all, life is a joy and I am so very lucky to be a part of this world we live in' and yet his second novel continues along the path of his series he titles The Challenged World! The question arises, `can a man so positive in this manner of approaching life grasp the darkness of evil?' The answer, fortunately for his readers, is an `absolutely Yes'.

Simply stated, It should have been easy. The perfect terrorist plot. ISIS. Ebola. Drug Cartels. Enter three very different but ordinary people. Mix in a beautiful CIA assassin, Navy SEALS, Texas Rangers - and a higher power. Time to kick some butt. Or as the synopsis tells us, ‘A fast-paced Spiritual Thriller that spans the globe with three very different characters committed to combat a massive terrorist attack on the U.S. Failure is not an option. A reserved small town sheriff on a reluctant quest for justice. A beautiful and eccentric technology genius striving to piece together international clues to terrorism. A French priest with attitude committed to combat. The resurrection of the blood diamond trade in the fetid jungles of Ebola-infected West Africa draws the trio together. They are joined by a stunning CIA professional killer with a clear and final solution to any problem. Together they struggle against the leaders of the illicit diamond trade and the foul entity providing the child slave labor. Have they won? The doggedness of the technology genius and the assuredness of the French priest uncover deeper plans—a game of misdirection and intrigue masterminded by a powerful source nested in the evil enclaves of ISIS. The stakes rapidly rise as the trail leads them into the wild heartland of a Mexican drug cartel—a launching point to unleash a hellish scenario into the U.S. The final conflict looms as forces for good and evil muster for battle, joined by Seals, Texas Rangers, and the CIA. Can three regular people prevent this terrorist attack? They need to, because failure will forevermore alter the life of every American.’

So moves the plot, but it is in the telling of this creepy tale that we find our superstitions and inner fears ignited. Vince writes incredibly well and while this reviewer is not usually drawn to the supernatural, this story is so well crafted that once begun it must be devoured as quickly as possible. Be aware there is a new thriller writer with a brisk imagination who has entered the terrain of exploring evil. Grady Harp, May 16

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