Sunday, February 25, 2018

Book Review: 'Plush Stories Book 1' by Francois Bissonnette

In 1983, François Bissonnette, created the early versions of his now famous books about the Zirons. But it was not until 1998, a few years after the birth of his two daughters, that the author published his first book of Zirons. And lucky for all that he has embraced a new direction. These little stories involve imagination, realism, surrealism, and magic and are bound to be favorites of children throughout the world. But now François visits that time-honored land bedtime stories and this is Book 1 of his bedtime stories for children ages 3 – 5. In this book the stories are accompanied by richly colored photographs of toys to match the story - a new and welcome addition to the quality of the book.

The two stories are brief, with only a few words per page and accompanied by the image of the discussed character – children love this visual presentation. CARAMEL IS BORED finds Caramel a teddy bear in discussion with his friend teddy bear Chocolate sharing the fact that he is bored. Chocolate makes all manner of suggestions about how they could play with friends, but Caramel doesn’t wish to participate. When asked what he ants to do, he would like to ride a horse, to drive an old car, go into space, or discover a magical world to meet strange people – and Chocolate reminds Caramel that he can do all that just by reading books!

In PIGGY POOH IS COLD, the stuffed toy pig is cold, thinks that the heater isn’t working. None of his friends agree that it is cold – that Piggy Pooh is simply sensitive to cold. Piggy Pooh tries to reach the thermostat but neither Piggy nor his friends can reach it. So his friends offer a solution – they give Piggy Pooh a scarf, a cap and mittens so he never would be cold again! And of course, that works just fine.

Another very fine little book from François Bissonnette whose ideas are always fresh. Grady Harp, August 15

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