Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book Review: 'The One That Got Away' by Carol Rosenfeld

New York author Carol Rosenfeld not only writes short stories and poetry, she is also the voluntary chair of the Publishing Triangle, which has been promoting LGBT literature since 1988. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY is her debut novel.

Carol’s vastly entertaining story examines and accompanies us, her readers, through a panorama of lesbian life in New York City – love, lust, dyke drama and drag queen wisdom. Her grasp of comic writing is polished and allows her to enter interstices (read ‘peeks’) of lesbian life like few other authors.

Carol provides her own excellent plot synopsis: ‘Bambi Devine, known to her friends as B.D., is a middle-aged bridal consultant who has recently come out to her friends after years of kidding herself about her sexuality—only to find out her friends knew all along and were just too polite to say anything to her. Then B.D. meets Bridget McKnight, the woman of her dreams. Unfortunately for her, Bridget is in a relationship with Natalie Lamont. But Natalie's intense friendship with Maxine Huff has New York City's lesbian community buzzing with speculation. Are they really just friends? Could these two members of the Park Slope Clitocybes—a mycological society—share a passion for more than morels? And more importantly for B.D., does this mean she stands a chance with Bridget? After years of hand-holding demanding brides, B.D. knows what love can do to sane people. Fortified by doses of drag queen wisdom from her boss, Eduardo, B.D. tackles unrequited love and lust, dyke drama, and being in a relationship without having a date for New Year's Eve in this romp about queer life in New York City.’

Carol has a true gift for comedic writing and her ideas for storylines are so solid that we will anxiously await her next book. Grady Harp, April 16

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