Friday, February 2, 2018

Book Review: 'One Night with Him' by Sienna Ciles

Florida author Sienna Ciles has published four books to date – each on a steamy, hot, erotic romance – and she is selling so well that it looks as though even with a small number of works available she has her audience secured.

Sienna draws characters well, they seem like people we know, such as her introduction to Mandy – ‘I had quit my job after having had what had seemed like a very promising offer from New York come my way, only to then have that offer fall through, leaving me unemployed and stuck here in Los Angeles. I was very good with money, always had been – another thing I could thank my dad for – so I wasn't worried for the short term, because I had plenty of savings and investments to keep me afloat for a while. I liked working, however, and being unemployed was just, well, frustrating and unfulfilling. I needed to work, I needed to climb that corporate ladder. And that's why I had gone to that convention. Ellen – my best friend – had set it up for me and had gotten me in. She had a connection in a high-level multinational corporation, who she had heard were looking for a new marketing director. And me? I happened to be one of the best marketing directors around. I'd always known how to get a buzz going about something. It had started in junior high when a group of my buddies – I had been a bit of a tomboy back then – had started a garage band. They weren't that great, really, but I had gotten so into creating a buzz about them and promoting them that they had quickly become pretty much the most popular band in school, even more so than much better bands who deserved that honor.’ And then Kain – ‘She was about to come out of the bathroom now, and any chance to escape had now passed. A sudden case of nerves gripped me though, and now, suddenly, I almost regretted the decision to stay. Almost. I needed a little more time, just a few seconds to get myself together before she and I spoke. And damn it, what was her name?! I grabbed my boxers and held them in front of my crotch as I rushed over to the door. I was totally naked but at least the important bits were covered. Well, um, it's not like she hadn't seen what was down there. The door opened, and there she was, dressed only in a baggy t-shirt. Her eyes widened at the sight of me, as if she had just seen a ghost, but then, after this moment of fright, she quickly regained her composure. She smiled at me, beaming out a gorgeous smile that was just radiant. Wow. She was just as beautiful as I remembered her being. “Kain,” she said warmly. “Good morning.” Great. She remembered my name, and I couldn't for the life of me remember hers. “Um, Mindy?” I said, smiling awkwardly. “Close but no cigar,” she said with a chuckle. “It's Mandy.” A fine start with interesting characters.

The story - ‘New Job. New Life. It was time to leave it all, and the mistakes I’d made, behind. At least that was plan, until I spent the night with him. He was supposed to be a one and done. Someone I’d forget and never think about again. Twenty-four hours later, my life is center stage. Standing in front of a thousand strangers and right next to the one-night stand I promised to forget. The man I had spilled all of my drunken secrets to. To make matters worse…he’s my boss’s son and he’s about to spill a secret of his own.’

Erotica yes, steamy yes, but it is the manner in which Sienna binds all this with interesting twists that makes the story sassy! She’ll is bound to do just fine! Grady Harp, November 17

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