Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Review: 'The New Guinea Job' by Vince Milam

Idaho author Vince Milam retains as much mystery about his background as he imbues in his supernatural mystery thrillers. From his resume, only the following offers a few facts: ` I live in the Intermountain West where soaring mountains and vast high deserts give a person plenty of room to think. I've lived and worked in over twenty-five countries around the globe, am a certified Wellness Coach, have a coterie of dear friends and family that provide succor and support, and have an old dog that is also a best buddy. I have an affinity for characters of all stripes, and strive to bring out the uniqueness of my literary protagonists.'

Vince states `All in all, life is a joy and I am so very lucky to be a part of this world we live in' and yet his new novel continues along the path of his series he titles A Case Lee Novel.. The question arises, `can a man so positive in this manner of approaching life grasp the darkness of evil?' Now Vince enters a new series – the Case Lee Novels of which this is Book 2 THE NEW GUINEA JOB and the answer, fortunately for his readers, is an `absolutely Yes'. Vince ‘s manner of conducting a suspense filled thriller with overtones of Spirituality is refreshing to say the least. His language grows more eloquent with each new book and his ability to retain memories of the early books of the series enhances this story – but the book is quite easily a stand alone novel, so well crafted has Vince made the plot. Vince informs us ‘I believe it’s my best work to date. I did have one large leverage point—over a year spent in the wilds of Papua New Guinea provided a palette almost unmatched for a story setting. The texture of the place as a backdrop—flora, fauna, weather, tribesmen, etc. – is hard to beat.’

The story is condensed as follows: ‘When a mysterious client asks former Delta Force operator Case Lee to investigate a massive New Guinea gold discovery, the job quickly unravels into an incredible world of spies, terrorists, and tribal headhunters. Case—with a sense he’s being played—walks away from the entire mess. Until life-threatening events pull him back in. This time, he’s not taking any prisoners. A murdered wife. A bounty on his head. Case lives an isolated life on the Ace of Spades, an old wooden cruiser plying the waters of the Intracoastal Waterway from Virginia to Florida. His only friends are a collection of former Delta Force teammates spread across the globe. And an enigmatic broker of clandestine information, Jules of the Clubhouse. Case wants out. But bounty hunters and spies and shadowed players keep pulling him back in. And discover his special skills. Very special skills. .’

As Vince states on his site,’ In addition to Case Lee, the tale includes Bo, Catch, Marcus, Mom, CC, and Jules of the Clubhouse. Toss in the director of CIA clandestine operations (she reminds me of Judi Dench in the recent 007 movies), Catch’s girlfriend Willa, tribal warriors, the Russian and British secret services—a wide and fun cast of characters. It is chocked full of action, angst, humor, love, and personal growth.’

Vince Milam is now recognized as one of the major writers of suspenseful novels writing today. Polished to a fare-thee-well, this novel is his best yet. Grady Harp, January 18
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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