Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Book Review: 'NAVY MAN DOWN' by Astrid Lee Donovan

Astrid Lee Donovan may be a new name to most but she has published 12 books to date in the Chick Lit arena. She apparently has a fascination with the military, MMA, bikers, cowboys, billionaires, and all manner of hard men and gender variations, so anyone looking for fresh material, here it is.

In this book Astrid takes on both the military (Navy SEALs in particular as the sensational cover of her book lets us know immediately!) and medicine and the result is a tasty naughty little erotic tale that is both well written and testy.

And we meet the man of the hour immediately on page one – ‘He was sweating. Except it wasn't sweat. Little red beads dotted his skin. Aghast, he swiped at his biceps, his palms coming back red and sticky wet. He looked up, feeling his lungs filling with the smoke that surrounded him. Smoke and dust. Choking him. Slowly choking. Blood dripped into his eyes. He could taste it on his upper lip. Rich, iron, hot. Scalding hot. Someone was screaming, and he thrashed around to see who it was – maybe he could save them, if he couldn't save himself, he could save them. He could... And then the screaming became bleating, a horn, the same note over and over again, making the blood drip from his pores in synchronized time. He couldn't see anything now, the whole world a film of sticky red; and the blood was in his throat now, and the smoke was filling his lungs, all the way up now, until it would start coming out of his nose and his lips with each breath. He fell to his knees. His fingernails filled with sand, his palms were wet, the sand and the blood mixed into a sickening soup. The bleating kept on, faster now, faster and faster until... Adam Jones opened his eyes. Sunlight spilled across him. The sheets were damp and cold with his sweat. He slammed his palm against the alarm clock; his heart was racing so fast he could have given a cokehead a run for their money. And his body ached, like he'd run a marathon.’

Where does the tale go? The synopsis indicates that ‘The most important thing for Navy Seal Adam Jones is defending his country, which is hard to do when you're benched. She didn't think she'd see me again after the other night. I know she didn't expect me to be her newest patient. I don't think there's any way she can talk me out of what's happening inside my head, PTSD or not. But maybe I can convince her to let me go back and make things right. And I want her. I really, really want her. And I'm going to get her, one way or another.

Erotica aside this story deals with PTSD and people’s attitudes and reactions and that is always a healthy addendum to an entertaining read. Enjoy and learn. Oh, and there are three additional books included to widen the reader’s appreciation of Astrid. Grady Harp, February 18
This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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