Friday, February 2, 2018

Book Review: 'My Best Friend's Dad' by Bella Winters

Author Bella Winters has published six books to date – YOURS FOREVER, FALLING FOR HER, CLAIMED PASSION, UNPREPARED DADDY, AND now MY BEST FRIEND’S DAD. Bella writes about strong, gorgeous, Greek God like alpha men who love protecting their sassy and sexy women. For solid contemporary romances Bella has the knack!

Bella opens her rather short story with a dream like state that main character Boyce is having, and when he awakens – ‘I woke up alone, reaching for Nora as I looked around. She was gone and the reality that she had been for four years now hit me like a train. I sighed and closed my eyes as I listened to the sounds of giggling girls downstairs in the kitchen, talking to my chef, Anne. Bella was my ten-year-old daughter with Nora and Viv was her best friend. They were the same age, but Vivian lost her parents in a tragic car accident six months ago and had no remaining family to take her in. I knew how Bella would have felt leaving her home after her mom died at six, so I stepped in with a team of lawyers and ultimately adopted Vivian within a few months of the accident. It was easy when you were the CEO of one of the most successful businesses in Maryland and you had a staff to take care of every need the kids had. We lived on the bay in the same house that I bought with Nora after we were married for a few years and my business was taking off.’ A very clever manner to use as an opening.

But on to the story – ‘Why does something so wrong feel so right? And would this mean, I lose my daughter forever? I can't let that happen! Boyce ~ I was a broken man, trying to heal. She was my daughter's best friend. Strictly off limits...Until that one night, when she looked... all grown up. Vivian ~ The day I lost my parents changed everything. Thankfully, I found a soft place to land. But when I grew up and moved away, I couldn't get him out of my head. Now, I'm all grown up, he's single, and we're both willing.’

This is a fine little book (there are six other novellas included at books end), full of steamy erotica but at the same time paying homage to family circumstances and age differences in a very gentle way. Grady Harp, February 18

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