Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Book Review: 'Meet The Bugs! 2' by Mark C. Collins

Mark C. Collins is the author AND illustrator of this fine new children's book. Drawing since the age of 2, Mark went to art school and spent years as a graphic designer before changing to illustration. In children's books he can combine all his talents - writing, design, and illustration - and the result is a highly satisfying (for Mark) and highly successful (for us) jewel of a children's book.

Mark has a keen sense of timing in this rhyming and couples that with not only a fun idea for a story but also with some of the strongest illustrations found in children’s books. In this book we get an (rhyming) overview of the bug population of the planet and then page by page we meet the main characters: Remmy the roach, Dee the katydid, Skip the jumping spider, Aidan the cicada, Ricky the cricket, Sweetie the fruit fly, Rolly the pillbug (who can roll into a ball), Ruby the red spider mite, Jed the bedbug, Loopy the inchworm (who will one day become a moth), Doug a Daddy long legs spider, Shyla the silverfish, Sting the wasp, Tex the horsefly, Prizm the butterfly, Nate the gnat, Ludwig the walking stick, and Snap the click beetle.

Not only are the illustrations first class and the spectrum of bugs include many that children (and adults) have not discovered, but the approach to each is one of meeting new neighbors – and we all know what that can mean (some good, some pests) – and extending acceptance and friendship to about anything new. Knowledgeable, entertaining to see and hear, Mark has come up with another winner! Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, June 16

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