Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Meditation and Geometry For The Youth' by Ethan Indigo Smith

Ethan Indigo Smith has researched all manner of meditative movements and in his teaching of classes on meditation techniques he has pulled his ideas together in book form that for the beginner as well as for the experienced practitioner of meditation provides the kind of support that is so needed in order to rise to the plane of release and become a receptor of energy.

Were it possible to be a part of Ethan's classes then that would be the perfect experience, but in this very fine, well written, informative and useful book he takes us through his discoveries and his techniques in a manner that is easily assimilated. As with each of Ethan’s books he not only shares his walk with the spiritual aspect of meditation- he also teaches on a broader scope than most. Read him and feel enlightened.

Ethan opens his book on meditation with the following – ‘My inspiration for writing Meditation and Geometry For The Youth comes from numerous experiences with meditation and with the world both as a young person and less young person. My overall intention for the book is to further the understanding of meditation and thereby enable individuals. The lessons within are provided in a geometrical construct so as to be nondenominational so as to not be mixed up with religious doctrine. And to heighten understanding of geometry concepts to further provide for useful learning. The teachings on simple meditation and geometry make it the perfect book for young people to learn about physical and intangible. In its simplicity it resonates with the youth and the youthful of all ages. The main reason I wrote this book is because I realized how lacking meditation instruction is, at home, in schools, in life, and even in many yoga classes. Along with knowing how much meditation helps individuals, and how instruction is lacking, I realized I might have a helpful idea to contribute. If there is one thing that can help individuals be joyful and productive it is meditation. Contrasting the lacking availability of instruction with the immense importance of meditation inspired me to write Meditation and Geometry for The Youth. My main reasoning for writing this is that meditation can help individuals to help themselves, and few people are promoting it generally, and even less so among young people’

Leading us with a sure hand through the mysteries and practicalities of mediation, Ethan closes with ‘Meditation will help you. In fact, meditation helps you to help yourself. Meditation is absorption of opposites. It is unification of Earth energy and universal energy within ourselves. It is removal of difficulties and magnification of pleasantness, a lot like a good night of rest. To those who have experienced it this description of meditation might seem a bit exaggerated, but to those who experience meditation we know it has the potential to do that and more. Meditation leads to thoughtfulness and calmness to help us get through whatever happens throughout our day. A meditative mind state can help you to help yourself. For instance, a scattered and stressed person might say to themselves, ‘they are mean.’ A calm and meditative person says the opposite of that, ‘someone was mean to them.’ A stressed person might say, ‘I can’t.’ A meditative person says the opposite of that, ‘I will.’

As with all of Ethan’s books, the reader comes away from the experience standing taller, breathing more deeply, and discovering how ready we are to be truly alive. Grady Harp, November 17

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