Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book Review: 'Live Your Balanced Life Now' by Subhashree Rout

California author Subhashree Rout comes to her book of offering assistance to her readers with a rich background of experience. She is a global traveler, an entrepreneur, a professionally certified life and executive coach, a philanthropist and an inspirational author. Combine these aspects with her fascination and expertise with technology (she was a computer science major) and the result is wisdom from a compassionate mind that helps us examine and resolve the persistent problem of balance with her practical solution.

In the Preface to her book Subhashree writes, `at the end of the day, irrespective of our obvious diversities, we humans are pretty much the same, and so are our triumphs, tribulations, fears, and anxieties. We react pretty much the same way toward the various factors and predicaments of life. The Past few decades have witnessed many changes around the globe. We have seen the rise and fall of the nations, the changing of the world economy, and the explosive growth of technology empowering and altering our lives. And today, these subtle yet swift changes have caught us off guard, exposing us to many new challenges. One such challenge is the chronic imbalance. Constantly coping with this fast-paced generation, we have lost not only our balance but our approach toward living a balanced life altogether. This imbalance is hurting us every day, plaguing every segment of our society. The task of restoring balance has been assigned to us today. This is the calling of our time. Let us be resolute in making it happen.'

In her book she offers stories and evidence of the imbalance that occurs more acutely day because of the stress of depersonalization and incremental deadlines that accompany our age of technology. Stress management is now a focal point for all of us. One form of finding this balance is to realize a balanced society is a shared responsibility - disengaging that `pathological pursuit of excellence that leads to burnout, `because, human brain, though blessed wit infinite abilities has finite resources.' And one of the reasons Subhashree's message is so accessible is her innate sense of humor and ability to create words such as `information overload = Infobesity or infoxication' and demands detoxifying. `Like a plant's survival depends a great deal upon the environment, we humans need a conducive environments to flourish and to survive.'

`Living a balanced life requires a holistic approach-- an all-inclusive attitude toward healthy equilibrium.' That is the direction of this book - a short but intensely important manner of finding balance, the subject so well presented in her chapter `Balance and Fulfillment: A Possible Reality'. It is a balance of emotional health, physical well-being, feeding the intellect and spiritual fulfillment - strengthening the inner being. Introspection is a key to this process and Subhashree warmly leads the way. Grady Harp, June 15

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