Monday, February 12, 2018

Book Review: 'A Lethal Time' by Peggy A. Edelheit

Author Peggy A. Edelheit has managed (in a writing range that is solid) to create what every author of romance adventures wants – a character so balanced and so real that all who read her series (of which this is book 3) end up saying ‘Everybody loves Samantha1’. Samantha Jamison is an author/sleuth and it is because of her well-sculpted personality that she manages to attract every one who comes across the good fortune of reading either all or some of this series.

Though Peggy is just publishing Book 10 in the Samantha Jamison series, this is Book 4. This being one of the few of the series this reader has not consumed there is a retrospective sense of growth in the style – but no fret, it is just another delectable outing with Samantha.

From the outset of this adventure we know Peggy’s usual combination of humor and mystery is about to leap forward. After an early AM phone call (quoted in the title of this review) we are given Samantha’s response: ‘“You are Samantha Jamison aren’t you?” I sat there still in my sleep-induced stupor. Was I? Well of course I was! “… Yes, that’s me.” “Well, I was told you were real good at figuring out unusual mysteries, so you have got to help me. Someone has stolen my woods!” And off we go in one of Peggy’s ‘further adventures of author/sleuth Samantha.

As Peggy’s own very brief synopsis tells us, ‘I was beginning to question a lot, including my sanity for trying to find something I didn’t know anyone would steal in the first place. How did I end up in another complicated mystery involving a motorcycle rally, horses, a hidden collection, antique books, unexpected alliances, extortion, and threats upon my life? It was a lethal time and my time was running out. What secrets were they all afraid of me discovering?’

Without fail Peggy’s created character hold our attention (and hearts) until the end. Hop on for another quick read that will entertain you during and after you accompanying Samantha Jamison. Grady Harp, April 16

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