Monday, February 5, 2018

Book Review: 'I Killed The Man Who Wrote This Book' by Theodore Ficklestein

Try researching the name Theodore Ficklestein on the Internet and all that comes up is a nebulous blog which when the `About Me' is clicked the following comes out: `I'm not really a person who likes to describe himself. I think that sums it up pretty well. Honestly I'm filling this out because I have to.' So give up on that angle, open his book titled THIS BOOK NEEDS A TITLE, kick back, and meet a person who has a pretty wise grip on the world as it is - senseless, out of order, dumbed down, self conscious about being so culturally out of it, and rather simple minded in the vague patterns we are adopting as comfortable substitutes for thinking. Likely, if you are in touch with life as it is happening you will laugh yourself silly at this collection of little poems and drawings essentially about very little - except some things that matter.....

Now he comes out with I KILLED THE MAN WHO WROTE THIS BOOK and note that the author’s name is crossed out and ‘not by anyone’ replaces it. The contents are a take off on Halloween – and in the author’s view, that is a pretty stupid experience. Little snippets make up the hilarious contents, and some are offer here to entice you to giggle:

Can’t We Just Go To The Store?

Mom why do I have to walk around to get candy when we have candy here? Can’t I just have that?
What is so great about the Robinson’s candy?
We never even talk to them.
Plus Mr. Robinson is smelly.
I don’t get it.
Why are you buying candy for other kids and not me?
Did I do something wrong?

Is this my punishment for the glue incident?
I have to walk around the neighborhood asking for candy,
when we have our own candy at home.
Mom, I don’t understand, why we are doing so much for candy
when we already have some?

No More Candy

No more candy!
I am too full.
My stomach is going to explode!
Check my face.
Have I turned into chocolate yet?
I can’t even feel anything.
I just want to sleep.
All that chocolate!
Why did I eat all that chocolate!
Starting now, I am never eating chocolate ever again.
Oh, you have one more piece of chocolate left over?
Well, one piece never hurt anyone.

Few writers can match Theodore’s zany writing. The idea of making an entire book about Halloween (and assorted similar subjects0 is a breath of very fresh air – like when you laugh so hard you get dizzy….Grady Harp, July 16

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