Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Hey, Who Ate the Uterus?' by Kelly Wilson

Comedian/author Kelly Wilson is outrageously funny! In this very brief but perfectly crafted short story she shares with us her hysterectomy, post-operatively retrieving the excised uterus from the hospital in order to give it a decent burial, stashing it in the freezer while progressing into a second marriage, cleaning house to move and misplacing the near forgotten organ until the freezer contents are packed (or not).

A sample: looking for her missing packaged uterus and not finding it, ‘“Where is it?” I asked. Panic settled in. Where had my uterus gone? Why had there been only one package in the blue plastic bag? “Wait,” I said. “Where’s Mocha?” Mocha was our brown lab, who ate literally anything – including her own poop. I doubt she’d turn down a uterus. In fact, it was entirely possible that she had snatched it from the trash. No, I thought. That was too gross. Unacceptable.’

Kelly writes so well and catches us off guard so that the little giggle becomes a guffaw very readily. She is one terrific writer. Grady Harp, April 16

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