Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Golden Boy Bailey' by Erin Frew

California author and artist Erin Frew is originally from Illinois and a family that enjoyed the presence of many animals - cats, turtles, birds and hamsters - but never a dog. Erin altered that while studying at Eastern Illinois University by adopting Bailey, a Golden Retriever. Her siblings followed suit, finding their own beloved dogs, and that is the beginning of GOLDEN BOY BAILEY – her debut book based on the adventures of these four dogs and the love they shared. Erin has worked in health and fitness and moved to California to design children’s toys. Quite a favorable background for writing a book for children book based on animals!

And so we meet Bailey, the golden retriever, and Sable the pudgy pit bull as they are out on a morning walk. They meet Logan, a yellow Labrador, and after bit of a tumble the three dogs are off on an adventure to see the Blue Pool. Bailey and Sable are excited to see the very deep Blue Pool, but Logan fears just about everything – the bridge they must cross, the idea of the deep pool – but Bailey and Sable reassure Logan they will be protectors. At the bridge they encounter what appears to be a terrifying growling beast, only to discover it is Chewy the German Sheppard making a joke. So off go the four friends to the Blue Pool. Along the way Sable is distracted by a dragonfly and that chase results in her taking a leap off the cliff above the Blue Pool. Down she goes, but Chewy jumps in and rescues her. All is well as the quartet of good friends end their adventure loving each other.

This is a fine little story about animals interacting and it translates well in relating to children who can mimic the feelings have for their friends. At book’s end we are shown photographs of the real four dogs who inspired this story. Well written, well illustrated, and full of love, this is a fine book for youngsters – on many levels. Grady Harp, May 14

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