Monday, February 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Four Days' by Fanny Lee Savage

Florida author Fanny Lee Savage has returned to the state of her birth after moving with her family to Colorado. She was born in Florida, where she became enchanted by it's diverse culture and rich history. She spent most of her early childhood living in the central part of the state before her family moved to Colorado. She apparently is drawn to paranormal subject and those of ancient civilizations and mythologies: she labels her writing interests as contemporary paranormal fantasy romances. Having read and enjoyed SEVEN DAYS, the first book of the Madam Jolie Playhouse series, it is easy to recommend this second installment. This book FOUR DAYS continues that romance and erotica tale and it is another erotica novella and one that promises to reveal more about the outer edges of sexuality than we can imagine.

Picking up where Seven Days left off, Fanny generously reminds us of the characters - Meet the men of F.E.A.R. Enterprises - Liam Firth, Cameron Ellis, Kye Adams, Evren Rockwell - and then plunges us back into the Madam Jolie BDSM Playhouse: ‘Four days left before I have to come up with sixty-thousand dollars to save my skin and the sorry behind of my mother. Four days until I’m auctioned off to the Top Four Dom’s of Madam Jolie’s Playhouse. I pray to whatever beings who watch over us frail earthlings that my ass is worth enough to rake in the amount of money I need. While I’m at it, let me pray I can learn to be submissive in the next four days. Pft. What a joke. Even my Dom ‘sponsor’ thinks I’m hopeless, though we are about to test this theory with a flogger and maybe some rope. After watching the Sexy Sultan that is Evren Rockwell, the back half of F.E.A.R. Enterprises, I’m sure I can, and will, handle a flogger with my Dom at the other end. Thankfully, Liam Firth, my soon to be boss who paid an excessive amount of money to Madam for my inexperienced and loud mouth, says he’ll help me regardless if I learn this fetish stuff. Come Friday, we’ll see if he’s good on his word by paying for my virginity at Madam’s Purity Auction, and in turn, paying Chuck Freeman.’

And as Fanny provides the synopsis for this very short novella, ‘Jessica's plans for a better life are put on hold while she settles her mother's debt. She’s forced to work in the private club catering to those with specific tastes. With the help of her Dom, Jess hopes to uncover the mobs connection to Madam Jolie, but instead uncovers something far more sinister.’

How Fanny Lee Savage can pack so much action, mystery, and sex into such a short book is amazing. Written well and very steamy, this is a book that will be devoured by those who are fans of erotica. Grady Harp, July 15

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