Saturday, February 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Fairy Tales Children's Books' by Francois Bissonnette

In 1983, François Bissonnette, created the early versions of the Zirons. But it was not until 1998, a few years after the birth of his two daughters, that the author published his first book of Zirons. And lucky for all that he has embraced a new direction. These little stories involve imagination, realism, surrealism, and magic and are bound to be favorites of children throughout the world. But now François visits that time-honored land of fairy tales in this Book 9 of his Stories for Children. In this book the fantasies are accompanied by richly colored photographs of models in costumes to match the story - a new and welcome addition to the quality of the book.

François believes these two stories in this volume are best suited for children age 6 through 12: they also are so picturesque and fun to read that adults will also enjoy them. ‘The Musician and the Princess’ tells of Albert, the king’s musician and Sarah, the king’s princess daughter Sarah. They are in love and wish to marry. The king likes Albert and does not prevent the feelings the couple has, but though money is not a factor, the king is afraid that Albert, being simply a musician cannot provide the protection his daughter needs. After Albert reassures the king that he would give his life for Sarah, the king puts him to three tests – a fight with a knight (Albert suggest the fight be at night) in the forest – and Albert engages the help of his friend the grizzly bear and wins. The second test is in archery and again Albert suggest the test be a night and this time Albert is aided with an owl who flies his arrow to its target. The third test is a horse race with one of the king’s squires. Albert meets with the horses and his friends tell him which one is fastest – and of course Albert passed the test and he and Sarah are married and live happily ever after. Sometimes your best friends are in nature!

In ‘Alicia and the Unicorn’ Alicia is a princess in The Rickward Kingdom and her father is king Richard. Alicia is about to celebrate her 7th birthday at a big party. When asked what she wants for her birthday she first asks for a crown, but the eking says her mother is the queen and should wear the crown, so Alicia wishes for a – Unicorn! Her father had always told her of a unicorn in the distant forest, but the king puts his daughter’s wishes off, refusing to do fetch the unicorn. So Alicia, brave as she is, ventures into the forest, encounters a wolf who introduces her to the unicorn. But the unicorn can’t be Alicia’s present because he must stay in the forest as the spirit of the forest, but he reassures Alicia that they can always be friends – and that is enough for any little girl – to have a unicorn as a friend.

Fun tales with beautiful photographs brings this charming little book to life! Grady Harp, August 15

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