Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Don't Get A Job, Live Your Dream' by Scott Haug

Handsome young hunk Scott Haug is a lifestyle entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and personal development trainer, who helps individuals live their best life. With a fourth degree Black Belt in karate, he teaches how to bring the mind and body together into one. He started the Limitless Movement, spreading the belief of limitless potential to all striving to improve their life. And if you really want to know the extent to which Scott is committed, visit the YouTube for Limitless Movement and listen.

Scott shares his concept of living our dream in his own situation – at age 22 he was an exceptional college graduate and won a ‘perfect job’, but that resulted in a feeling of emptiness, a life without meaning. ‘I decided right then and there that no one would ever control my time, my money, or my life again. I decided to live my life on my terms. I decided to pursue my dream of dedicating my life to helping people in every way I could through personal development. What I have come to understand is that it’s these down times that are often the defining moments of our lives. That’s how I came to write this book: to show that you truly can live your dream. This book is based off of my defining moments and the content I have studied surrounding some of the most successful people in the world. You never have to suppress your inner feelings again or have someone else control your life. Take a chance on yourself. What’s possible for me is also possible for you!'

The core of his book follows: ‘There are seven important reasons presented that will help convince you to live the life you truly want to live. To help you get started, I have shared effective strategies in each chapter to propel you forward. Each reason and strategy gets straight to the point with no extra “filler content”, a positive and time effective benefit for you. Reason #1 - Be An Inspiration Reason #2 - Create Extraordinary Work Reason #3 - Live a Life of Meaning Reason #4 - Eliminate Future Regrets Reason #5 - Exercise Your Right To Be Free Reason #6 - Use The Last of The Human Freedoms Reason #7 - Act On The Only Chance You Have.

Especially now we all need to heed Scott’s wisdom, and though he is very young in years, his soul is journeyed. Not the usual self help book, this, but a true inspiration, food for the soul, and conviction for living our dream. Not to be missed. Grady Harp, June 16

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