Thursday, February 8, 2018

Book Review: 'DONKEY' by Stephanie Brother

Stephanie Brother writes scintillating stories with stepsiblings as their main romantic focus. She's always been curious about the forbidden, and this is her way of exploring such complex relationships that threaten to keep her couples apart. Stephanie knows well how to build a story, even when the initial idea for readers who know her work is that she writes the steamiest erotica around. Still it is the getting to the ‘big moment’ that makes her books so top notch.

Our main characters are Tilly and Landon, and as the synopsis puts it, ‘Tilly - They call him The Donkey because of the size of his (privates). I call him it because he’s a complete and total a**. I hate Landon Maddox with a passion, and I haven’t even met him yet. Underwear model, star quarterback, arrogant, muscle-head. I never wanted a stepbrother in the first place, and now I have one that thinks he’s a God. Seriously. If his most famous asset isn’t beaming down at me from billboard posters all over the city, he’s spread across the front pages of every single newspaper, always for the wrong reasons. Landon Maddox is everywhere I look, and now I have to spend the next seven days with him for real, squashed into a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere. I’m not even kidding. Family vacation with the man I spend my lifetime trying to avoid. Getting to know the enemy with nowhere left to escape. That’s not the worse thing either. Apparently there aren’t enough bedrooms for us all, which means The Donkey and I have to share. Me and The Donkey in the same room together for a week? Now I know I’m definitely going to scream. Landon - There are two things I do better than anyone else on this planet, play football and please women, and right now I can’t do either of them. One more front page headline that's not about football and my career is dead in the water. As of now, I’m officially sworn off it. Landon Maddox is out of the game. No more late nights, no more bad behavior and definitely no more bed-hopping until Coach says I can prove otherwise. This vacation was his idea. One week in the middle of nowhere to keep myself out of trouble. No cell phone signal, no distractions and absolutely nothing to tempt me. Maybe it’s just what I need to take my mind off it. I mean, what can possibly go wrong? I’m here with my family after all.’

To put it mildly, Size Matters. For the rest of the story you must read it yourself! Grady Harp, June 16

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