Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Dirty Sweet Curves' by Christa Wick

Christa Wick has carved (or is that ‘curved’) her niche in erotic literature with her HEROES OUT OF UNIFORM series. She knows the territory and writes it well. As she states, ‘I don’t know about all the other ladies out there, but as a reader, military men are my favorite type of hero — heck, I married one and I still remember how much I loved the summers, back when the rules allowed him to wear his Army uniform with the sleeves rolled (in a very particular and meticulously folded manner, of course!). Oh, those tasty, sexy biceps. Naturally, that means I write a lot of men with military backgrounds. What sets “Heroes out of Uniform” apart from the other stories I have with soldiers and sailors is the SWEETNESS factor. These men are protective and fierce, but they aren’t into being an alphahole at all (although I’m sure they’re all for delivering the occasional spanking if necessary to keep their lady in line for her own good). I hope you’ll agree that “Hard, Hot and Sweet” is exactly what you get with the “Heroes out of Uniform” stories.’

And not only does Christa work her erotica into her novels, she also happens to build excellent sidebars that have true significance. But on to the swagger of the plot: ‘Stopping at a strip club from his younger days, former Army Captain Thomas Wylie wants nothing more than the best pork rub in all of Memphis. But the club has changed. Like Wylie, it's gotten harder and rough around the edges.Determined to finish his limp cheeseburger and leave, he's all but out the door when a plus-size beauty walks on stage and starts to dance amid catcalls and disgruntled hisses. Working the pole under the stage name of Gaia, Rhea Butler knows she's more than twice the size of the next largest dancer at the club. She's reminded three times a night, six nights a week as she starts each shift and has to win the audience over one jeering patron at a time. Rhea doesn't want the men's admiration, just their money. She has a debt she can never work off, but she's doing the best she can, one dance at a time. She's certain that's all life has on tap for her -- until Wylie shows up at her other job determined to prove her wrong.’

Strong story with all the amenities that make for erotic romance. Christa’s good! Grady Harp, April 16

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