Friday, February 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Dirty Doc Next Door' by Sienna Chance

Author Sienna Chance has three books to her credit – all written since August of this year. In her slight bio she states, ‘I have a wonderful partner and a great relationship, but every now and then, I find myself fantasizing about the kind of sizzling, chiseled men you see on romance book covers. What better way to embrace those fantasies than to express them in words and share all the details with you?’

Sienna introduces her characters with just the right amount of suspense that assures us where the story will likely lead – ‘Jay had always worried about the neighborhood I lived in, but it was where I’d grown up, where my family had always been. It was shady with a high crime rate, higher than most places in the city. But it was my home and I knew my way around well enough to navigate through the streets —I was tougher than I looked, and most people in the neighborhood knew me well enough to leave me alone. I’d told her over and over that she didn’t need to worry about me, but that had all changed when I heard the news about my ex. If I’d stayed, my life would have been in danger. The doorbell rang and I gazed out of the window as Jay went to get the pizza. I saw the man next door walking up his driveway. Even from a few feet away I could tell he was handsome. It was afternoon, the sun shining brightly overhead, and his blue eyes were nearly glowing in the light. He had dark hair and great cheekbones, a body that moved in an elegant, fluid way. Jay caught me staring as the man disappeared into his house. She grinned at me. “That’s Dr. Ian Cunningham,” she said. “Is he not the hottest thing you’ve ever seen?” “He is gorgeous. Is he married?” Jay shook her head. “Lives alone. I think he works a lot. He’s like filthy rich. But kind of mean.”

Somewhere in Chick Lit territory there grew an obsession with rich bad guys and Sienna takes off with that theme – ‘Seduce. Steal. Move on. Growing up, stealing was the only way Abby knew to get by. When she moves to a wealthy new neighborhood, she is determined to find her next victim. Cold. Rich. Sexy. He seems to be the perfect candidate for Abby, the doctor next door. Despite all the fun she has flirting, scheming and seducing him, she begins to feel something else -- something she has never felt before. Perhaps she is just getting rusty? Or perhaps this dirty doc isn’t going to be the victim she thought he would be...’

Yes, there is plenty of steamy erotica along with a plausible storyline. Looks like we have a new rising star in our midst! Grady Harp, November 17

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