Friday, February 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Dirty Baller' by Vesper Vaughn

California author Vesper Vaughn’s passion is writing erotica - and about romance stories those antagonists are the men she hates to love and loves to hate: the Bad Boys. The BAD BOYS theme is a theme Vesper has developed very well: HIT AND RUN is one of her best. 'Bad boys' are basically Alpha Men who take advantage of women until a strong woman matches egos and pursuits. The interchange provides plenty of opportunities for crises and resolution of same but the concept of bad boys offers an opportunity for erotic encounters with a punch, and Vesper excels in those passages. She continues to mature as a writer and her erotic imagination keeps pace. In this novel Vesper adds a steamy secret baby bad boy sports romance to her repertoire.

DIRTY BALLER takes its time getting to the ‘meat ‘ of the story solidifying the identity of the characters first – something that makes the erotica scenes even steamier. The story is summarized as follows: ‘RYAN - Notorious. That's me. In every sense of the word. I'm the highest scoring football player in the UK. it's true. I score even more when I'm off the field. What can I say? I like the adulation. One night, while prowling my favorite bars, I happen upon the perfect little piece of tail - everything I like in a girl. Curvy. Innocent. American. A blush that makes my blood burn. For once I meet a girl who doesn't want to play games and when I finally get her into bed, she might just be the girl who I want for more than one night. The girl I can trust. HAYLEY - My first assignment for Sports Monthly was supposed to be simple. Interview the UK's unbeatable soccer team. Write a brilliant article. And maybe - just maybe even make my father proud. For once. It wouldn't hurt if I can even manage to call soccer football when I'm across the pond. Then I meet him, all six-feet-three inches, muscles for days, and rippling ink covering his powerful arms. He's gorgeous, cocky, and oh my God that accent. We share one wild night of passion that I won't ever forget. The morning after, I realize he's not just some sexy British guy. He is the subject of my article. And now I'm pregnant with his baby.’

Stir well and out pops another fine bad boy sports romance with a HEA. Grady Harp, August 16

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