Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Detour Allure' by Jack Dancer

California author Jack Dancer pounced onto the literary scene with DETOUR PARIS that was just the opening of a Trilogy - Detour Paris, Detour Allure, and Detour Amour - inspired by an actual mid-life dating adventure. He lives in southern California, though he hails from Florida. A former advertising executive he seems to have discovered solid ground in writing romance novels with the male perspective. Not that women will not devour these hot and steamy romances, but it is refreshing to have them come from a man’s vantage – life from the POV of a midlife divorced man! Now with DETOUR ALLURE (Book 2 in the Trilogy) Jack manages to weave new problems and situations around his established characters from Book 1 while introducing some very fascinating new people onto the stage.

If you’ve not read Book 1 DETOUR PARIS, then DO! The story is so well put together that not knowing some of the characters intimately from the first story may leave a few questions. For example, the main character Tucker Blue, from the first book, we know from the following: ‘Now I'm no neophyte when it comes to life and all its trials and tribulations. I've not only been around the block more than once; I've been kicked around the block, a couple of times. Been married more than once, raised children, more than one. Even created businesses. Destroyed ‘em too. You might say I've seen it all, and had you asked me even yesterday, if I believed in love at first sight I would’ve told you, of course, but those are miracles reserved for the young - those naive little creatures still virtuous and deserving of such wonders. So, is it possible that someone like me - someone cynical, jaundiced and thoroughly jaded - could be so utterly mugged by that sneak thief, love? My pre-smitten self would've said, out of the question, a thoroughly ridiculous idea. But ask me now and I'll admit that as totally cliché, and stupidly impulsive as it no doubt is - yes, I am at this moment happily plummeting those verdant pools of promise. I have been kidnapped and please do not post a ransom.’

But on to jack’s synopsis of DETOUR ALLURE: ‘Detour Allure picks up with Monica and Tucker grappling with conflict from all directions.
While uncertainties of trust and love threaten to divide the couple, they are unwittingly caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a powerful yet obscure adversary. Insecurities are tested and resolved. Doubts are banished and just as their love for one another reaches the clarifying moment the unthinkable occurs tearing the couple apart. Thoroughly devastated and utterly depressed Tucker’s world is further tilted when he discovers yet another foe has been working behind the scenes framing him with enough crimes to warrant several life sentences. Having lost the love of his life and with his own life in certain jeopardy, can Tucker shake off his paralyzing helplessness and mobilize the strength to gain the upper hand and overcome his adversaries? Can a young Romanian girl who was once sold into sexual slavery provide the answer he needs to win the day?’

Spills and thrills, hot romance, interesting twists and turns – all these fill this book, along with strong evidence that this Jack Dancer wholly understands humor and knows when to use it. He has created a very successful niche full of promises for future books. Grady Harp, October 15

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