Thursday, February 8, 2018

Book Review: 'The Dawn of Grace' by Christian Hunt

Australian author Christian Hunt has lived in Asia and the Middle East and his primary direction has been through his membership in the American Christian Fiction Writers. A service leader with the Couples For Christ and the international Catholic ecclesiastic family ministry, his involvement in the ministry is extensive, and he enjoys undertaking special missions to help families strengthen and nurture their relationship with God. He is out to spread the good news through service. As a Christian fiction author, he believes in revealing God's love through his writing.

Of interest Christian entertained a Foreword by novelist Richard Bach and it is worth sharing as it sets the tone for Christians story: ‘What you seek is already within you. Write in your own way, to meet your own highest ideals. Some folks will say you’re crazy: those ones are not the readers you write for. You’ll never find your readers; your readers will find you. The more words you write, the faster will they come to meet you and to warm themselves in the bright fires of your ideas. Remember that your teacher is already within you. Reflect his spirit on the page in front of you, follow him in Technicolor, light him with rainbows. He’ll find himself in your writing, and strangely enough, you’ll find your own ideas in the adventures he lives. If you imitate no one, there’ll be no writer like you in all the world. I have three reminders on my computer: Have fun. Don’t think. Don’t care. The center note was a gift from Ray Bradbury. Today it’s yours, too. Keep writing, and watch what happens in your life as you do.

Christian’s story opens with a Prologue dream sequence not unlike the last days of Christ, except… “Not again,” he muttered, cradling his head in his hands until exhaustion overcame him. Why did he keep dreaming about this tortured, middle-aged fugitive drowning under a bridge? Why did he feel like he was this man, seeing life—and death through his eyes? The man shook his head miserably, curled on his side, and faded back into restless sleep.’

And then his story begins. ‘With shelf lines frequently refilled with his bestselling novels and his name appearing on the marquee for some of Hollywood's hottest movies, David Fristensky is all anyone is talking about. But under the layers of fame and fortune is a man with a damaged past. Fighting fate and making a name for himself after the death of his parents, David grew up with only his uncle to call family. Yearning for answers about his past, he comes across one of those weird bits of serendipity that finally brings him on the brink of discovering the truth. Journey with David as he travels halfway around the globe to unveil the mysteries that have always plagued him. With secrets hidden in ancient lands and historical locations, David will stumble upon truths too shocking to believe. This classic tale of Love and Sacrifice is sure to be thrill ride that will not be soon forgotten.’

What we at first believe is going to be a book heavily leaning on Christian dogma disguised as a novel ends up being a very satisfying story – a mystery adventure, well written, with Christian messages to be sure, but they seem to fit nicely into this tale. The book is short and well worth exploring for readers who enjoy inspirational tales. And there will be more…Grady Harp, June 16

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