Monday, February 5, 2018

Book Review: 'Dark Tide' by Stella Marie Alden and Chantel Seabrook

New Jersey author Stella Marie Alden again teams up with Canadian author Chantel Seabrook – both having written a selection of their own books – and the result is a double does of adventure, romance and erotica. Since both authors have had success with fantasy and erotica it is no surprise that this rather lengthy tale takes on epic proportions as it aims to satisfy the Chick Lit group as well as the young male heavy breathing clan!

For those who have read Books 1 and 2 of this MATED BY MAGIC series then the flavor is known and is very similar – adventure, raw language, impossible situations and steamy erotic – but these ladies write well, as the following opening paragraphs (slightly edited…) demonstrate: ‘With the dock of her father’s rental house in view, Maya O’Connor slowed her Stacer’s engine to a stop and let the boat’s momentum take her the rest of the way. Willy barked excitedly beside her, and she ran her fingers through his thick, white coat. “Good boy.” She honked the horn, hoping for a hand with the supplies. When none came, she cursed bloody Yanks under her breath. Especially loner Yanks with too much money and a crap load of attitude. She hadn’t met this one yet, but she doubted he was any different than the other self-indulgent tourists she’d met. “Willy, come here.” Her Great Pyrenees bounded from the boat onto the dock and continued to bark in the direction of the rental house. She pressed the horn, this time longer. Nothing. Fine. Lifting a leg over the edge of the boat, she straddled the water, putting one foot onto the wood dock, and climbed out. Salty air rushed into her lungs when she inhaled and stretched her arms. This island was one of her favorites. Eight miles off the eastern coast of Australia, surrounded by pristine reef and crystalline beach, it was a little piece of paradise. But the current occupant had put a damper on what would’ve otherwise been a perfect day….’

Openers – but the authors distill the action of this contemporary fantasy, making the sprawling story make sense for the readers new to their genre:
There’s a dangerous magic brewing in the South Pacific, and Maya O’Connor is certain it involves the handsome fire witch renting out her family’s private island. He’s dark, brooding, and sexy as sin. With a single touch, she knows he’s her perfect match. Having suffered more than his fair share of heartbreak, Josh Fialko seems determined to destroy himself and everyone close to him. A fatal love match left him shattered beyond repair. Now, he wants nothing to do with mating, especially not with the feisty little water witch who’s intent on stealing his heart.’

The story takes a bit of getting used to the play of two authors’ hands but in the end this is a tale that will satisfy those craving escapism – and very steamy erotica. It is a solid little titillating tale. Grady Harp, June 16

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